Dr. Chara Papageorgiou


Committed to Pediatrics

I was born in Morphou. After the war of 1974 I got settled in Nicosia, with my family.
 From a very early age I have been wanting to become a pediatrician.
I graduated from Kykkos B High School with excellent grades.
I studied at the Medical School of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and Ι then received a year of training in pediatrics at Chania Hospital.
I completed my training in pediatrics at Paidon Hospital P. and A. Kyriakou in Athens.
For two years I was specializing in neonatology at Alexandra General Hospital in Athens.
During my training at the neonatology department of Elena Venizelou Hospital and after attending training programs, organized by the late neonatology director Mrs Zachou, I gained experience and knowledge in breastfeeding consultancy.
 I then organized the pediatric office at Spetses Medical Office, where I worked as a Pediatric Curator B for two and a half years.
 I worked as a Pediatric Curator A at Syros island for two years, where I was the only pediatrician of the hospital, treating all pediatric cases, both tactical and emergencies.
For the next 12 years I continued to provide pediatric services at my private office at Ermoupolis, in Syros island.
In the Summer of 2017, I returned to Cyprus and worked at the Mediterranean Hospital for two years.
In June 2019, I enrolled with the GHS and I run a private medical office in Pano Polemidia.
As a pediatrician I stay up-to-date on advances in my field and I attend seminars and Pediatrics Conferences.
My main concern is providing medical care to children, caring for and supporting the parents, guiding and choosing the safest and most effective treatments, based on the latest and most precise scientific opinions of the medical society.

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ATTENTION: For emergencies or any health-related issues, contact me directly at….  +35725014085


Medical care of a child and support / guidance of parents. The choice of treatment is always based on the most modern and scientifically correct views of the medical community.

Monitoring newborns

Constant communication and contact with the breastfeeding mother and regular checks of the baby. Prenatal care and development of a monitoring plan based on the needs of each baby. Accurate record keeping of baby’s measurements and breastfeeding consulting with direct or even electronic communication.

Preventive examination of infants

Pediatric examination of infants and toddlers on a monthly basis and psychomotor developmental checks. Recording baby measurements (height, weight, head circumference, body mass index and blood pressure). Discussing development related issues with the parents.


Supporting breastfeeding and assisting the breastfeeding mother. Consulting, based on the latest guidelines and supporting the mother to ensure breastfeeding success. Monitoring the process and addressing any issues that may arise on time.


Guiding the parents while introducing solid foods to babies, following the Mediterranean diet, which is considered to be the healthiest diet for people of all ages. Children and adolescents are also regularly monitored for early diagnosis of eating disorders.


Monitoring the psychomotor development of children and regular check of verbal and motor skills. Timely intervention of specialists and constant communication with the parents in cases of disorder diagnosis


Fever, allergies, stings, difficulty in breathing and many more. Children get examined at the office only after contacting the doctor to avoid meeting other people and spreading any infections.


As measures of preventing infection, our office applies the National Program of Vaccination, best hygienic conditions and avoiding over-crowding, using separate waiting rooms for healthy and sick babies. Monitoring and controlling infections in our little patients based on the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment from the European Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID).

Adolescence Problems

Right before becoming adults, adolescents go through changes due to hormone changes which begin a few years before adolescence becomes obvious. Adolescence is often associated with behavioral and psychological problems. We monitor the development of children during adolescence and apply the National Program of Vaccination.

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Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity – Hippocrates

For any questions, advice or suggestions send a message! ATTENTION: For emergencies or any health-related issues, contact me directly at…. +35725014085

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