Three focused children are playing on the floor and drawing in coloring books
Δρ. Χαρα Παπαγεωργιου

Dr. Chara Papageorgiou

5 ways to keep your kids busy at home:

Getting through quarantine with small kids around the house can be a real challenge. Kids are hard to keep isolated and they get bored easily. That’s why we have come up with a list of activities, to not only keep your kids busy during these hard times we all have to go through, but help them physically and psychologically too.
1. Dancing. Organize dance nights, competitions for all the members of the family, or simply put some music on and dance. Dancing will help your kids release all negative energy and accumulated stress, express their feelings, exercise and be happy!
2. Art. Activities like drawing, collaging, crafts and clay or dough sculpting will keep your little ones busy for quite some time. Kids will also get the chance to express themselves and exercise their motor skills.
3. Cooking. Get your kids involved in meal preparation and get the chance to teach them about nutrition and healthy food choices, or just to spend some quality time together. Cooking is also great for teaching children about math, science and fine motor skills.
4. Music – Theatre. Music, dancing, singing and theatre are like a medicine for the soul. Encourage your kids to listen to music and watch theatre plays, but also to create their own work and then present it to the rest of the family.
5. Reading – Writing. The benefits kids get from reading books are really endless. Books will teach and help kids improve their vocabulary and language skills. A book can be the best of a friend and reading is really the best quiet activity. At the same time, motivate your kids to write their own stories in order to help them express their fears, their worries, their dreams and their hopes.

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