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Δρ. Χαρα Παπαγεωργιου

Dr. Chara Papageorgiou

Encourage your children's imagination!

Many parents ask me how we can create an environment that will promote the development of thinking and intelligence of our little ones.

An equally important parameter, recently proved in a study by the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (IKPI), shows us that children with increased imagination become very capable in solving problems and facing the challenges of everyday life!

As parents we can do a lot to strengthen our children's imagination, their creativity and ultimately the quality of their thinking and perception.

Let's take a deeper look at the most efficient ways:

Read books- Choose books that have large, colorful pictures built in and tell a story without letters. The text has no meaning for a small child in contrast to the images that "trigger" his imagination but also help him develop spiritually.

Role Play - Dramatic play is a unique opportunity to spend creative time with your little ones while helping them to develop their language and social skills as well as to manage their emotions more easily.

Tell stories in a vivid way - Many times, a spontaneous story or event can encourage your children's thinking and imagination. Do not hesitate to tell stories with strong "images" and plot, as this activates the mind to "translate" words into images.

Give him the opportunity to play music - A musical instrument is probably the top choice to create the right conditions for constructive thinking and imagination in our children. Also, consider the possibility of music lessons even from a very young age to strengthen his improvisation, his values and the overall creativity of your child.

Reduce screen time - You may think this is a cliché now, but to develop the brain capacity and imagination you will need to find the right way to reduce the time your little ones spend in front of a screen. It is certainly tempting to give our little one the tablet or the mobile phone to take a break or to complete our work, but it must always be done with control and without spending hours. Of course, movies and cartoons can enhance the imagination and spiritual world of our children, but especially of older children who are close to adolescence.

Painting - Encourage your little ones to create their own images and their own "worlds". Creativity and imagination, apart from being an innate tendency, are also a function of the brain that is enhanced in a lots of ways. Also, consider this option as an extra way to bond more with your children but also to share some moments of laughter and conversation.

Discover his/her innate inclination - Most children show small but strong inclinations towards specific subjects. It is very important as parents, to understand or identify an innate inclination of our little one and to strengthen it as in this way we create the conditions for further increase of this inclination but also for strengthening the self-confidence and quality thinking of our child.

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