Happy smiling family of four playing with sand at beach in sunny day
Δρ. Χαρα Παπαγεωργιου

Dr. Chara Papageorgiou

Enjoying the beach and staying safe

Going to the beach is definitely something that brings joy both to kids and grown-ups during summer. The sea though is not just fun and games, as it is a dangerous element of nature and we have to be really careful to avoid accidents, especially when we are accompanying children.

Be familiar with the area

When planning on going to the beach along with children, choosing one with lifeguards, or at least an area you are familiar with, is a wise thing to do, in terms of safety. Being aware whether there are rocks, deep waters, or if a particular area is used for water sports etc will help you keep yourself and your family safe.


Especially when we have our little ones with us, we make sure that we are properly prepared and equipped when going to the beach. Make sure you have a sunscreen, a cream for bites, hats, clean towels and clothes, arm floats and everything else your kids will need depending on their age and their needs. We always have drinking water with us and if we are going to take food, we try to keep it at a safe temperature.

Hours and protection from the sun

Avoid going to the beach between 11:00 and 16:00, when the sun’s rays are the strongest. These hours are forbidden for babies and small children. In any case, you should often apply sunscreen on children and have them wear hats and light clothes, avoiding the sun’s direct contact with their skin.


Never leave a child unattended in the sea. Even if your kids can swim, or have their arm floats on, there are many things that can put them in danger. And under no circumstances should you leave small children in the care of older children in the sea.

Instructions to Children

Before going to the beach, it would be good to have a chat with our children, explaining the dangers of the sea and giving them some safety instructions:

-Set limits on the area they are allowed to swim in

-explain that they should stay close to you, as they can easily get lost in a crowded beach

-in case they get in danger in the water, they should call for help

-not calling for help for no reason

-in case they notice someone in need for help, they should not try to offer help but instead tell a grown-up

-not going in the water without you knowing about it

-arm floats and other inflatables can easily be carried away by the wind or the waves, putting children in danger.

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