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Δρ. Χαρα Παπαγεωργιου

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Summer and children

The summer holidays are just around the corner and the enthusiasm of the children has already begun and is evident. They are already talking about going to the beach and the games they will play with the sand! Summer holidays means more free time of the children, and this many times, can stress the parents.


Creating a plan will help the family cope with the needs of all its members.

Children camps are a good idea to spend their time constructively, while helping with socialization. However, not all families can afford to send their children to camp.

In the following article you will find ideas and tips on how to make summer holidays pleasant and fun!


Create a program that children will follow every day. It is advisable not to change the hours of rest and sleep too much because a rested child cooperates better with parents and grumbles less. Children love to help their parents. Cooking is a way to do something together which also helps them feel productive. It is great for their confidence. Avoid giving them difficult tasks and especially a knife so that they do not get hurt. They can decorate the table or wash the salad.


Music and dancing will help them use the energy they have while improving their mood. At the same time, they learn how to control the way their body moves! If you live nearby with some of their classmates, a good idea is to arrange play time in a playground where they will be able to play with their friends without the stress of the school bell. Since they spend so much time together at school, it is to be expected that they will miss them.


If they can't meet, explain why it's hard, but you can organize a video call so they can talk online. It is also a very good opportunity to show them the right way to wash their teeth or hands. There are many videos that show how to properly wash hands and there are 2-minute videos to make brushing teeth time funnier. Dealing with the garden or just with plants that you have in the pots is an easy way for your children to learn how to take care of something. You can entrust them with the watering (under supervision) of some plants that will be 'theirs'. Show your children photos of when you were kids. It's a beautiful way to share memories and experiences.


Inform them about the dangers of summer. Tell them about sunburns and how important it is to wear sunscreen. Long exposure to the sun can cause burns or they could get sunstroke or heatstroke which will spoil their play and carefree holidays.


Dehydration is perhaps the greatest danger that lurks in the summer. Inform your children about the importance of water. Avoid giving them a lot of soft drinks because they contain a lot of sugar. If they don't drink water often, you can put a slice of cucumber in their water and give it to them (depending on their age) with a straw. They drink more water like that!


Summer is an amazing time to create new habits with your children and rethink the ones you already have. Give the opportunity to you and your children to rest and create together new memories and unique moments. Enjoy!

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