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Baby milk: The most frequently asked questions & answers

The first important moment between mother and infant begins after childbirth. It is the first few hours of life of the little baby and will accompany it ideally for many months. Breast milk is the ideal form of nutrition for the first six months of an infant's life.

But what happens that despite all the intensive efforts to breastfeed, some mothers do not manage to breastfeed?

Let's see what more common questions & answers I often receive:

1) What milk should I give my baby?
✓ Initially, each baby is different, and a small percentage of infants may need special milk. If there are no special reasons, you will start a modified first infancy milk on the instructions of your pediatrician.
2) What are the categories of baby milks?
✓ "Foreign" milk or early infancy milk is modified cow's milk. Many milks come very close to the composition of breast milk because they are enriched with probiotics, amino acids, vitamins, oligosaccharides, fatty acids while some substances and trace elements (eg salt) are removed. There is a wide range of milks for special reasons.
3) How much milk does my baby need?
✓ A newborn need about 150 grams of milk per day for every kilogram of its weight. Usually start with 30 ml , and then follow the instructions of the pediatrician, gradually increasing the amount depending on the increase in his weight.
4) How do I know my baby drinks enough milk?
✓ Your baby's weight gain and the number of wet diapers is the main signs that the baby is feeding properly. Your baby should rain about 4 to 6 diapers a day after birth.

Of course, breast milk is the greatest gift you can give to your child and without fear in quantities and duration!

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